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Cover Reveal!

Easterly, a retelling of the Wicked Witch of the East, will be available for pre-order in an Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance box set about witches next month!

She’s not wicked! She just wants her freakin’ shoes back!


Latest Release!

Becca Redford and the Big Bad Wolfhound

Detention, homework, falling in love, werewolf slaying… what’s your Monday look like?

All Becca Redford wants is to survive her parents’ divorce and get through high school with as few detentions as possible, but her family legacy gets in the way.

All Ben Hunt wants is to maintain his clean cut, varsity football image, but he has to keep a huge family secret.

Can they find a way to be together without Becca and her wolfhound killing Ben, and the werewolf wars bringing about the end of slayers and hunters all together?