2014 YA Paranormal Reading Challenge – JANUARY

2014 YA Paranormal Book Challenge! JANUARY!


January is Angels / Nephilim, so obviously I’ll recommend my book, Speak of the Devil. 16808519766212114477But feel free to read another YA angel book. The prize for doing so will be different each month! Here’s the schedule so you can start shopping for books with all your Christmas gift cards!!

January- Angels/Nephilim
February- Demons/Devils
March- Dragons
April- Elves/Fey
May- Ghosts
June- Gods/Goddesses
July- Mermaids/Sea Creatures
August- Other
September- Vampires
October- Werewolves/Shifters
November- Witches/Wizards/Psychics
December- Zombies

So January is Angels/Nephilim. Start looking for books to read. Check in when you know what you’re going to read on my Facebook page and keep us posted. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shawna-Romkey-Author/137998326331706

Here is a list of YA Angel books. Mine is number 157. Feel free to vote me up. 😉
YA Angels

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