Book a Day in May #31 Phantom Touch by Jessica Hawke

Our last Book a Day in May is a print copy of Jessica Hawke’s PHANTOM TOUCH.

PHANTOM TOUCH by Jessica Hawke

Natalie isn’t like any ghost sixteen-year-old Bridget White has ever met. Unlike Bridget’s usual decades-dead acquaintances, Natalie was young, beautiful, and alive until three weeks ago. And she doesn’t want to go peacefully into the light; instead she wants Bridget to stop the psycho that tortured and buried her alive before he kills again on the full moon.

Trouble is, Bridget’s not a cop; she’s a kid who’s barely passing English. Sure, she’s been moonlighting as a ghost therapist since the accident that killed her sister two years ago, but charity work for the dead got old a while ago. Things finally seemed to be looking up when she discovered a ritual to take away her supernatural sight on her seventeenth birthday.

But she can’t say no to Natalie, especially when she discovers a few faked texts have convinced everyone – including the police – that Natalie just ran away again. Bridget’s the only one who can hear her story and ensure that it doesn’t have a sequel. Instead of turning away, she digs into the mystery of her disappearance. And when Bridget’s only living friend goes missing right on the killer’s schedule, she realizes that she may have to sacrifice her only chance at being normal to save an innocent life.

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