CROW MOON ~ by Shawna Romkey Cover Reveal

Some of you may have seen this cover as I commissioned it over a year ago, but with Crow Moon being contracted with Tirgearr Publishing and a final release date in sight, I thought I would reveal the cover with the Tirgearr branding as the official final reveal for Crow Moon. Ta da!


Lovely! The cover was designed by Taria Reed and features model Angelina Cavanaugh.

Crow Moon is a young adult going on new adult paranormal novel with an American gothic flair and it features a bi-racial main character struggling with her identity.

After Leni loses her father, she’s sent to live with her eccentric aunt outside of town. She wants to go off to college and do what her father has always wanted her to do, but the mysteries of her estranged mother’s family lead her to start unraveling the secrets long ago lost and hidden away. Will she be able to find out who she really is while living up to her father’s last wishes, or will the powers of the Crow Moon claim her for itself?

Crow Moon will be available for preorder mid-July and will finally release August 19.

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