Editor Visit

Last fall my writers group, RWAC, invited Harlequin Senior Editor Birgit Davis-Todd. We had an informal dinner meeting with her, then had her speak to our group. Afterwards, we were allowed to pitch our books to her. It was great practice and excellent experience. I pitched Speak of the Devil to her, but was told that for the Harlequin YA line, I would need to have an agent. Having had a terrible experience with a con-agent years ago, this wasn’t news I wanted to hear. But in her talk to us about many many things, she did use my sample query letter as a good example of how to write one. She also talked to us about synopsis writing, what they are on the look out for, and the publishing business in general. It was an excellent opportunity and though nothing came from that event directly for my writing career, I did learn some things, make some changes and proceeded onward with Speak of the Devil.

Here are a few pics from the event.

Julia Phillips Smith and me at the Birgit Davis-Todd dinner

Sara Hubbard, my author twin, and me
(photo by Anne MacFarlane)

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