February – Demons YA Paranormal Reading Challenge

The 2014 YA Paranormal Reading Challenge is still on. February’s feature creature is demons or devils. Choose your book of choice and comment either here or on my FB page about it and enter to win a $5 Amazon gc. Let us know how the results go!


I can recommend my book again, Speak of the Devil, since it has demons in it. >:)


Here’s the schedule so you can pre-plan your reading for the year. 🙂

January- Angels/Nephilim
February- Demons/Devils
March- Dragons
April- Elves/Fey
May- Ghosts
June- Gods/Goddesses
July- Mermaids/Sea Creatures
August- Other
September- Vampires
October- Werewolves/Shifters
November- Witches/Wizards/Psychics
December- Zombies

Come read with us!

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