Interview with Nicola R. White, author of Fury’s Kiss

I’m interviewing my writing bud, Nicola R. White whose debut novel Fury’s Kiss just came out! Take a look!
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Release Blitz: Fury’s Kiss
(New England Furies #1)
by Nicola R. White
Aug 1st


Hawthorne, Massachusetts has always been a nice place, a safe place – a boring place. At least to waitress Tara Walker, who dreams of more excitement than slinging plates of seafood for Cape Cod tourists. But as Tara learns when she is attacked and forced to fight for her life, fate sometimes has a funny way of giving you exactly what you wish for. Faced with strange new powers and embroiled in a murder investigation, Tara must now race to uncover the secrets of the ancient Fury that has woken inside of her – and of the evil that stalks her.

As if Tara’s life hasn’t gotten complicated enough, she is forced to ally herself with Jackson Byrne, witness to her assault and uncle to a pint-sized oracle whose fate is intertwined with hers. Sceptical, stubborn, and oh-so-sexy, Jackson wrestles with demons of his own. He is determined to ignore the attraction rising between them even faster than the body count, but like it or not, he and Tara need each other if they are to unravel the mysteries that surround them.

Sounds great! Here are a few questions for Nicola…

Are you a reader? How many books a year do you read?

I love to read! When I have time, I can read one or two books per day, but unfortunately real life gets in the way of that sometimes. In a regular week, I probably read two to three non-day job books.

Favorite genre to read? To write?

I read pretty much everything, but I like to write characters and worlds that are a bit ‘fantastic’ – paranormal, urban fantasy, and sci fi romance. I do have a gritty romantic suspense project in the works and will write an occasional contemporary short story, but I’m definitely happiest living in an imaginary world!

Plotter or Pantster?

Hmm…I’m somewhere in between. The first book in a series is largely pantsed, though I know the ending by the time I’m halfway finished. Once I finish the first book, I figure out the series arc so I don’t end up with inconsistencies or a plot that drags on and on.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to be a writer?

Don’t give up! I have a tendency to get bogged down and procrastinate when I’m 2/3 finished writing a book. The beginning is so exciting and the ideas just flow, but that 2/3 mark is when it gets really hard for me. It’s such a tease to be that close to the end—so close, but so far!

What is your writing schedule like?

I don’t have a particular schedule, though I do try to write every day. I’m a morning person, so I like to get up early on the weekends and start the day off by writing before my husband wakes up. About 2,000 words per day is pretty comfortable for me. The most I’ve ever written in one day was 10,000 words, when I was over deadline on getting something to my editor.

What is your writing space like?

I don’t actually have a set writing space. My two favorite spots are on my living room sofa and at a local coffee shop, but sometimes I write at the library or out on my deck. I live in an apartment and love container gardening, so it’s nice to be out there with my plants.

When did you start writing?

I started writing with thoughts of publication in mind about three years ago. Before that, I had taken some creative writing classes and tried my hand at fiction and poetry, but I always felt self-conscious about showing my work to anyone. Eventually, I just decided that pursuing my dream of being a published author was worth pushing through the awkwardness.

Why did you write this particular story?

Fury’s Kiss started out as a way different story! Originally, I thought I was going to write something very dark, maybe even horror, with supernatural elements—the movie The Craft scared me to death when I was younger. But as I wrote, I realized that as much as I love to read horror, I really don’t care for writing it. (At least not yet. I never say never!)

What is the closest book to you right now?

It’s a graphic novel called The Fade Out, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. It’s a crime/mystery story set in the late 40s. I love all things noir, so this is right up my alley.

That sounds great! Thanks Nicola for letting us interview you! Happy sales with your new release!

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