New Release by Raven & Lain Bower – Weeping Dark, Bleeding Edge


Weeping Dark, Bleeding Edge

When a rash of brutal murders target the most defenseless of her people, spunky captain Shayla Dormyr is determined to bring the culprits to justice. Defying the command of the Prima Canticle, who claim jurisdiction over the ritually slain children, Shayla embarks on a rebellious mission that could cost her rank and freedom.

When she unwittingly exposes a Blood Rune to her prime suspect, the troublesome sell-sword Daibryn, it unleashes arcane consequences that renders them vulnerable to an ambitious and cruel Blood Mage.

Shayla and Daibryn embark on an adventure that will take them to worlds far larger than they ever imagined where love, hate and mystery put their souls to the test.


Raven and Lain Bower are a wife and husband team. They live in North West Michigan with their four kids, two Hell Hounds and alien doom cat. When not occupied with the aforementioned minions or writing, they enjoy creating worlds, gaming, reading, target shooting and gardening.

Raven is the author of the Bailey Khane supernatural suspense series – Apparitions, Wendigo and Rags Beneath (spring 2012). Apparitions, is currently under production as a feature film.

They’re the authors of the Vengeance urban fantasy series – Primal, Smoke (2013) and Dead Moon (2013/14)

And the adventure fantasy, Nymph’s Lair, now available!

The first novel in their Weeping Dark fantasy series, Bleeding Edge, is set for release Feb 15th, 2013.

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