Rite to Reign ~ Easterly #iBooks #PreOrder Now 99c

Something wicked this way comes… in this bewitching boxed set collection of over twenty PARANORMAL ROMANCE and URBAN FANTASY stories, each brimming with royal magic.

 Featuring EASTERLY, a highly anticipated novel by USA Today bestselling author Shawna Romkey.
Shoes to die for. Shoes to kill for.
They call her the Wicked Witch of the East. They hate her for her magic, her power, her family. But she wants no part of becoming the next Witch Queen of Oz. She’d rather go find a place with no magic where no one makes assumptions about who she is. Then someone drops a house on her and completely ruins her day. Not only do they kill her momentarily, but they take her ruby slippers and leave her for dead.
She hunts the murderer-thief to a place called Kanzuss to get her shoes back. Without them, her magical and life energy are slowly draining away, not to mention she’s trapped in Kanzuss and can’t get home. Without the shoes, she’ll be stuck in this sepia-toned world forever until she fades away into nothing.
With the help of the hunky lumberjack, Sawyer Tinman, and a striped hyena named Spot, she has to battle Dorothy and the Gales and make a choice: become wicked and kill to get her shoes back, or be stuck in Kanzuss to die on the wrong side of the rainbow.
A retelling of The Wizard of Oz with a tornadic twist.
She’s not wicked. She just wants her freakin’ shoes back!

One-click today to see this classic tale from the Wicked Witch of the East’s point of view!

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