RT Con Report

Wednesday – Got our RWAC and CMP raffle baskets to the Club RT room then went to several workshops:

Craft: Creating Irresistible Heroes (Christina Courtenay, Eveerley Eickli, Liz Harris, Sue Moncraft, & Evonne Wareham.) Awesome!

Young Adult: The Buzz from Those in the Know (Gennifer Albin, Lenore Appelhans, Leigh Bardugo, Kiera Cass, Tamara Ireland Stone, Mari Mancusi.)

Marketing: Your Book, Your Brand (Dana Kaye)

I did walk out of a few panels because they were either too basic regarding marketing or the panels weren’t really talking about the topic posted and were more hocking their books. I won’t mention which ones, but I don’t have time to give to panels that don’t catch me right away.


I spent some time in Club RT. I got my pic taken with Sara Hubbard, Constance Phillips and cover model Scott Nova.

I went to some workshops:

Eye on the Prize – Breaking the Amazon Code (Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon.)

I also pitched to a few publishers. The one I’d scheduled my meeting with never showed up, but I think it was for the best. I pitched my Wicked Step-Mother series to Samhain who wants to see it as soon as it’s completed!

Then it was the eBook fair. I set up a table, signed postcards and chatted with readers and authors. I was lucky enough to be seated next to Cecy Robson and Renae Rose!

My sister came to Tara MacDonald’s room (Tara let me use her room as a drop off/storage point and let me shack up there Thursday night after the ball) and helped me get ready for the RT 30th Anniversary Formal Ball, where I was chosen as one of 25 of the best costumes at the event and had to walk across the stage and be escorted by cover models. It was tough. I felt like Cinderella for the evening, though the dinner was a bit long on speeches and short on costume awards and dancing. It was too dark to socialize or see what people were wearing, or do much of anything but listen to speeches, which went on for close to three hours. I looked good, though few could see. :p



– I went to the workshop Young Adult: Stop Wasting My Time (Kelley Armstrong, Sarah Rees Brennan, Heather Brewer, Rachel Caine and Sophie Jordan.) I got all of them to sing my I <3 YA tote bag which I’m giving away on my site! It was good info on marketing. I hit part two of that session with panelists Melissa Marr, Kami Garcia, David Gill, Nancy Holder, Maureen Johnson and Veronica Roth. I got all of them to sign my tote bag except Veronica Roth who had other pressing matters to attend to. That afternoon I took Tara and Hildie McQuen out for some KC BBQ at Arthur Bryant’s, then we hit the KC, MO library and took some pics, and went to the Church of the Guardian Angels on Westport, which is featured in book 2 of my Speak of the Devil series.

I hit Legoland for souvenirs for Beren and wandered around Crown Center for a bit.

I made it back for some more Club RT and more pitching of my Wicked Step-Mother series. Again, the person I’d set up an appointment with was running long, so I jumped in with Entangled and agent Eric Rueben. Entangled wants to read it when it’s finished and Eric is interested in looking at a proposal.
That night I hit the Whispering Cove party hosted by Cathryn Fox, Nikki Duncan and MacKenzie McKade. I won the poster in the middle, and arrived only moments after Fifty Shades of Gray author, EL James had left!!


morning my writers group had a charity breakfast with cover model Scott Nova before setting up for the Giant Book Fair. I got my Beautiful Creatures book signed by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and got a book signed by them for my niece who’s been so supportive of my book. I also bought a copy of Leigh Barduga’s book Shadow and Bone because she was so funny in her panel, and a copy of Aaron Ritchey’s book The Never Prayer.

I was lucky enough to be seated next to Aaron at the Giant Book Fair and Carrie Ryan. Her books looked so cool, but by the time I decided to buy them, she was sold out. I’ve ordered both of hers online and can’t wait to get them. I had them sign my I <3 YA bag too, along with Beth Revis who was sitting next to Aaron. IMG_2501
This was a lot of fun. Again I met lots of readers and writers. My former student Molly came by to see me which was awesome! My step-mom, two aunts, two cousins and whatever you’d call a cousin’s daughter… second cousin? Came by to see me, as well as some of my Facebook peeps. I also had some people come by to purchase the book who had heard about it on Goodreads, which was cool, some who loved the cover, and some who had interacted with me at Club RT, so it was all good.

It was crazy busy and crazy fun, and afterward I was supposed to go to the Teen Day events and the FANtastic Day parties, but I was wiped. I went back to my Dad’s and slept for 3 hours straight.


was the KC, KS library signing. It was pretty slow, but again a cousin and his family came by as well as my aunt and uncle. My sister went with me to keep me company, and a Facebook fan came along with a few others to check out the book.


was running around getting ready to head out. I took a copy of my book to my old high school, meeting with my former math teacher, Mr. Kincheloe, who is now the Principal. He was excited to stock the book in the library since it’s based on that school and gave my sister and I a tour. Things have changed but stayed the same. It was a freaky experience setting foot back there. I also donated my book to five area libraries, four who were at the RT con, and one from my old ‘hood. Here’s hoping the book gets some new readers who recommend it to others.

The rest of the trip was spent sleeping or visiting friends and family.

It was definitely fun and worth it, and I’ll totally do it again if I can swing it. Next year is New Orleans. I wouldn’t mind going back there again. ☺

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