The Gifts of 2012

This past year has been a very fortune one for me.

We began in January by moving into our dream house. It’s big and beautiful and right smack on the ocean. We spent the spring and summer doing some major renos and were lucky enough to walk out our back door, down the steps and into the ocean in the summer. The neighborhood is great. The house is a perfect fit for us. We’ve been very happy here.

Shortly after we moved in, I got a new vehicle. Right before we moved a snowplow had smashed into both of our cars. Mine was totaled, so the beginning of 2012 brought a new house and a new Jeep for me.

I finished off my novel Speak of the Devil and submitted it to publishers. In April I got the contract offer from Crescent Moon Press. I say that rather off handed, but this is a huge life dream of mine, which has finally come true. I started writing when I was 5 years old. I went to university and majored in creative writing. I’ve been writing stories, poems, books, screenplays, and stage plays my entire life. I’ve been actively submitting my work since the early 1990’s, so this has been a long time coming. When I read the contract letter from Steph Murray at CMP I screamed, laughed, cried and ran outside found my husband and jumped in his arms. Life long dream come true. I don’t know that 2013 can top that. A two book deal perhaps? A bestseller? ☺

Early in the summer I sought out a new gaming company, Hydra Games, which was looking for module and novel writers. I then got a contract to work with them, too. I’m hoping to finish my first module for them early this spring and see it get published this summer.

In June, Trevor and I took our dream vacation to Greece. It was amazing and a definite vacation of a lifetime. We may have to visit there again. This year we are on track for a Florida vacation, and I am booked to go to Kansas City for the RT Booklovers Conventions in May.

In August, Trevor and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. Another milestone.

In December I lost my 14 y/o dog Cody, which was hard. I fear we may have another such loss this coming year as Zoe has turned 15 now.

The rest of the year has been spent on me revising my book and setting up things to make marketing and promotions for the book go well, as well as unpacking, arranging and renovating our new house.

2012 to me seems to be about accepting the gifts life has offered whether it be our house, my car, my book deal or even the gift I was given in Cody. I am grateful that these things have come into my life and accept them as they are. With the gifts come lessons and growth, and with the gifts come change.

As I couldn’t have told you about a lot of these things at the beginning of last year, I can’t say what 2013 will bring, but I welcome its gifts with gratitude and a willingness to change.

What gifts did 2012 bring you? What gifts do you hope to receive in 2013?

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