#WW Re-release of Idyllic Avenue by Chad Ganske Writer Wednesday

Congrats to Chad Ganske on his re-release of Idyllic Avenue!

Stranded on a planet with two dying suns, humanity faces extinction. Stanford Samuels hopes to be inside the massive bio-dome that will offer protection from the permanent night. But the dome is for the genetically perfect, and Stanford, like many others, is a mutant. In an effort to increase the Perfect population, mutants are paired with Perfects capable of eradicating the defective genes and producing flawless children. But when androids are designed to produce Perfect human offspring, the need for the mutants dwindles. And their chances of making it into the dome are greatly reduced. As unending night approaches, a terrorist group of mutants wages war against the Perfects for their right to survive. With his own life in the balance, Stanford is caught between the two sides and must choose one or be left alone in the dark.




You can find Chad on Facebook and twitter.

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