FLASHBACK to 1985 – the Last time the KC Royals were in the World Series

I’m from Kansas City and am thrilled to see the Royals make it to the World Series. I’ve done some reminiscing lately and thought I’d share some things from 1985 in celebration of them making the series.


In 1985 the Royals won the World Series, but here are a few other interesting tidbits that were happening the last time they made it to the big game.


*”Careless Whisper” by Wham was the top selling song.
*Back to the Future was the biggest grossing movie.
*Mammoth Hunters by Jean Auel was the bestselling novel.
*Out of Africa won best picture at the Oscars.
*Gorbachev became the Soviet leader.
*Bo Jackson won the Heisman trophy.
*The Cosby Show was the highest-rated TV show.


*”We Are the World” won Grammy awards for song and record of the year.
*Biloxi Blues won the Tony for best play.
*The top-selling cars were the Chevrolet Cavalier, Ford Escort, and Chevrolet Celebrity.
* The Winner of Super Bowl XIX was the San Francisco 49ers.


*The Domain Name System was created.
*Reagan was in his second term.
*New Coke was released.
*Live Aid was the biggest concert and raised money for famine relief in Ethiopia.
*Super Mario Bros was released.
*Calvin and Hobbes debuted.


*Tommy Hilfiger was established.
*DNA was first used in a criminal case.
*The world population was 4.8 billion.
*Kellan Lutz, Keira Knightley, Lily Allen, Lana del Ray, T Pain, Eva Longoria, Bruno Mars, and Kaley Cuoco Sweeting were born.
*Rock Hudson, Orson Welles and Yul Brenner died.


As for me, I was a sophomore / junior in high school. I drove a Chevy Citation piece of junk. I worked at Rax restaurant and then at Worlds of Fun amusement park. I loved Duran Duran and wanted to be a reporter when I grew up. Oh, and I was a Madonna wannabe.


A lot has changed since 1985, including Madonna, Tom Cruise and George Clooney. And there’s me. Let’s just move right along and cheer for the KC Royals of 2014, and put the mall bangs and the New Coke behind us. Far behind us.

Go Royals! #takethecrown #beroyal

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